RN to BSN in Delaware

Nearly 10,000 RNs are currently employed in the state of Delaware. Despite the state’s small size, approximately 2,000 square miles, the demand for nurses is increasing right along with the rest of nation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a more than 20% rise in nursing employment by 2020.

Depending on licensure and degree level, Delaware nurses can earn anywhere between $27,000 and $100,000 annually; however, the average salary for RNs is around $70,000. The highest median salaries for nurses can be found in Bear, Delaware City, Middletown, New Castle, Newark and Wilmington, with Newark and Wilmington offering the most employment opportunities.

Currently the Delaware Action Coalition is working to create a universal curriculum for state nursing programs, thereby increasing the number of RNs who hold a BSN. Below we have compiled a list of all the accredited RN to BSN programs in the state to help ambitious Delaware nurses reach their full potential professionally.

RN-to-BSN Programs in Delaware

Here we have compiled a comprehensive listing of Delaware’s RN to BSN programs. In the summaries below, you will find all the essential program information to help you quickly and easily narrow down your RN to BSN search. NCLEX-RN pass rates are as reported by the school.

Delaware State University

$ 280 resident
$ 638 nonresident

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: February 1
  • Spring: November 1
  • The program consists of 64 credit hours.
  • Students gain field work experience at public clinics, schools, assisted-living facilities and other healthcare sites while also gaining hands-on experience with high-tech medical tools like electronic medication carts.
  • 122 credit hours are required for graduation.
Campus 1200 N. Dupont Highway
Dover, CT 19901

University of Delaware

$ 454 resident
$ 1,219 nonresident

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: January 15
  • Spring: November 1
  • Transfers: May 1
  • The program consists of 31 credit hours of nursing plus an 84 hour practicum; 30 credits are awarded for current RN licensure.
  • Students can apply or transfer 59 non-nursing credits towards the 120 credit hour BSN degree.
  • Clinical groups are comprised of 8 students and 1 faculty member.
Online 104 Hullihen Hall
Newark, DE 19716

Wilmington University

$ 338 per credit hour

Application Deadlines

Rolling Admissions

  • The program consists of 12 upper division general education requirements and 28 upper division nursing core credit hours.
  • Students have the option to take just one course per term or up to a full load of 12 courses.
  • A BSN/MSN Accelerated Option is also available to select BSN students, enabling them to take up to 4 MSN courses in lieu of undergraduate ones, thereby fulfilling requirements for both programs (however the degree earned at the completion of 120 credits is the BSN).
Campus, Online, and Hybrid 320 Dupont Hwy
New Castle, DE 19720

Please contact the RN to BSN program in Delaware that you are interested in enrolling in to confirm details and to learn more. If you run an accredited RN to BSN program in Delaware that is not listed above; please reach out to us with program information and proof of accreditation. Thank you!

State Commitment to RN to BSN Education Paths

The Future of Nursing campaign is a nationwide effort to bring the country up to the standards of nursing as outlined in the 2010 Institute of Medicine Report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. As a part of the effort, Delaware has formed a State Action Coalition with the singular objective of achieving the goals set forth by the campaign. Having at least 80% of the nursing workforce hold a BSN degree is an integral part of this initiative and we have outlined below the ways in which Delaware is actively progressing on this front.

  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Practice & Care
  • Interprofessional Care
  • Diversity
  • Data

What is being done to increase the number of Delaware RN’s with a BSN?

The AC has programs in place and is working toward a universal curriculum for state nursing programs.

Are students enrolled via identified promising models of education progression?

No specific plans announced.


What programs are being implemented to prepare nurses to lead change to advance health?

No specific plans announced.

Practice & Care

Is the Coalition working to remove barriers to RN level of care?

No specific plans announced.

Are they advancing state policy to remove barriers to care provided by APRNs?

No specific plans announced.

Interprofessional Care

Is the state working to improve communication, transparency, and cooperation between healthcare providers?

Yes. The AC declared removing barriers to APRN practice a key goal and is working to introduce legislation and build support.


How are they improving diversity of the nursing workforce and care provided?

No specific plans announced.


What steps are being taken to remove gaps in workforce and health care data?

The Delaware BON received a grant to make all state licensing data electronic in an effort to gather accurate workforce demographic data.

Contact Info

Bonnie Osgood

Delaware Nurses Association

Wayne Smith

President & CEO
Delaware Healthcare Association

Source: Campaign for Action

For a detailed progress report and additional workgroup contact information, please see the Delaware Action Coalition page.

Delaware Licensing

Delaware is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). If you move to another state participating in the NLC (pictured in green), you can practice without getting a new license. For licensing information, visit the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services.

licensure map

Nursing Employment Outlook

Nursing Supply and Demand Projections

Source: " Health Resources & Services Administration," US HRSA, accessed June 2015.

What Nurses Make on Average in Major Cities

Source: BLS OES, May 2013. Accessed May 2014. Some data not provided.

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