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About Us

At, we cater specifically to registered nurses who wish to advance their education. However, we also provide educational resources to anyone interested in the nursing field. Our career guides cover every specialty of nursing, from neonatal intensive care to anesthesia, while our state nursing guides discuss the specific requirements and job outlooks in each state. We also provide comprehensive rankings of the best programs for students as well as a video series with advice from a nursing expert.

Current and prospective nursing students trust us to provide them with accurate and relevant resources. For this reason, we focus on these three core values: using data to drive our content, being transparent about the way we operate, and maintaining editorial independence. These core values can be seen in every piece of content we publish.

Advertiser Supported

Editorial independence allows us to create the content that matters most to nursing students and provide unbiased information while using advertiser support to run our website. You can find the advertisements we host by looking for content or program search tools labeled "ad" or "advertising disclosure." Transparency in this conduct lets users choose whether or not to interact with an ad and not feel deceived. When users interact with these ads, we may receive compensation from our advertisers.

While we advertise certain schools and programs and may get paid for student referrals to these, we do not allow this to influence our editorial content. Users will never be required to interact with advertisements, and advertised schools and programs do not receive preferential treatment.

How We Maintain Editorial Independence

Editorial independence is important to us because we want to continue to be a trusted resource for registered nurses and nursing students. The content we publish is what we believe is helpful for users, even if it might not benefit our advertisers. We strive to put the user first when producing our content.

We maintain our editorial independence by following strict editorial standards in our content and developing our own methodology for rankings based on data from reputable sources. Our primary data sources are the National Center for Education Statistics, the Common Data Set Initiative, and Peterson's. For school and program rankings, these databases are then used to evaluate schools by several factors, including admission rates, program costs, and retention rates. Schools must be nationally or regionally accredited, and cannot pay to be included in our rankings or to change their rank. Each school and program is assessed without bias by following the customized methodology found on each ranking, such as this one for our Best Campus RN to BSN Programs ranking.

Our writers, editors, and experts are held to a high standard of quality, integrity, and accuracy. We evaluate our content — both published and unpublished — continually to ensure these standards are being met. If you have any questions or concerns about our advertisements, feel free to contact us.