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RNtoBSN.org’s mission is plain: Further the education of new and established nurses. We are a group of professional nurses, educators, writers and editors committed to furthering nursing education, particularly as it concerns RNtoBSN and standard/accelerated BSN programs.

When a Registered Nurse earns their BSN, they become more qualified to make critical treatment decisions for a patient. With healthcare expanding nationwide and baby boomers heading for retirement, the demand for highly trained medical professionals – especially nurses – will only grow.

In their landmark 2010 study, entitled “ The Future of Nursing,” The Institute of Medicine urged nurses to pursue more advanced degrees, namely their bachelor’s or master’s. The Institute laid out their main educational goal as such: 80% of RNs holding a bachelor’s or master’s by 2020. Roughly 50% of today’s RNs possess either.

Beyond qualifying a nurse to handle more areas of treatment, a BSN has been shown to improve a nurse’s chances of promotion, their salary, and job stability. Our site is dedicated to explaining what it will take to earn a BSN, where you can go to do so, and what to expect from the nursing community, state by state, once you’ve earned the degree. The BSN gives every nurse the academic backing they need to pursue any nursing position in the field. RNtoBSN.org is here to help you make it happen.

About Our Expert: Caroline Porter Thomas, BSN, RN

Caroline Porter Thomas

Our resident nursing expert is Caroline Porter Thomas, the author of two books on achieving success in nursing and as a nurse. The first is How to Succeed in Nursing School: Before, During and After and the second one is New Nurse? How to Get, Keep and LOVE Your First Job! She also writes and produces instructional videos for her website and YouTube channel, EmpoweRN. Caroline earned her bachelor’s degree in science of nursing (BSN) from Fayetteville State University. She graduated with honors in May 2008.

Caroline is dedicated to helping people lead more empowered and joy-filled lives through vocational nursing. When she isn’t writing or speaking about nursing, she works as a registered nurse in Miami. Check out her exclusive nursing advice series for RNtoBSN.org here.

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We’re always looking for qualified nurses or nursing students to join our team. In fact, our site really depends on the contributions made by real people holding positions across all of nursing. Established professionals’ insights often prove to be what nursing students need the most, whether it’s to confirm the career path ahead of them or to challenge their assumptions about what it really takes to be a nurse day in, day out.

Positions sought include writers, curators and researchers. If you’re in the nursing field and want to get involved in furthering nurses’ educations, please send your resume to careers@rntobsn.org. If you’re not so sure about joining our ranks, but still have something to say about your experiences as a nurse or other healthcare professional, we encourage you to also get a hold of us! We love hearing from anyone who has advice, perspective or feedback to share.

Keep in mind that we may not be able to respond to every resume we receive. Thank you in advance for your interest!

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