Nursing in Pennsylvania

Licensing & Continuing Education Requirements

Licensing for LPNs/LVNs & RNs in Pennsylvania
Source: National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Accessed May 2014.
Is Pennsylvania a part of the Nurse Licensure Compact? No
What type of license will I receive in Pennsylvania ? Single-State License
What other states can I practice in with the license I receive in Pennsylvania ? No other states. You can only practice in Pennsylvania because this state is not part of the NLC.
If I move to Pennsylvania , do I need to apply for endorsement by the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing? Yes
Where can I find out more information about being licensed to practice in Pennsylvania ? Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing
Tracking Nurse Licensure in Pennsylvania
Source: ProPublica, Nursys. Accessed May 2014.
Can I look up and verify a nurse’s license in Pennsylvania for free? Yes
Are disciplinary documents available online for free? No
Does Pennsylvania participate in the Nursys national nursing database? No
Where do I verify nursing licenses? License Verification
Pennsylvania ‘s Continuing Education Requirements in Nursing
Nurse CE Requirement Pennsylvania Board Information
Source: American Nurses Association NursingWorld, NetCE. Accessed May 2014.
Licensed Practical Nurses/Licensed Vocational Nurses (LPNs/LVNs) None N/A
Registered Nurses (RNs) 30 contact hours every two years. Continuing Education
Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) 30 contact hours every two years. Continuing Education
RNs re-entering the field Yes; if inactive for more than 5 years, applicant must have one of the following:

  • proof of current practice in another jurisdiction
  • completion of approved refresher course
  • retaken and passed the national licensure examination
Licensure Information
HIV/AIDS Class None N/A

Nursing Salary Information

Pennsylvania at a Glance, 2012
Source: Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Accessed May 2014.
Pennsylvania Population 12,763,536
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage $7.25
Pennsylvania Average Hourly Wage $22.62
What Nurses Earn on Average in Pennsylvania
Nursing Type Minimum Education Average Hourly Wage Average Salary Employment Number
Source: BLS, Occupational Employment Statistics, May 2013. Accessed May 2014.
Nursing Assistants High school diploma $13.39 $27,850 74,520
Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse LPN/LVN state certification program $20.62 $42,880 36,060
Registered Nurse Associate Degree in Nursing $31.74 $66,010 124,750
Nurse Practitioner Master of Science in Nursing $40.94 $85,150 3,410
Nurse Anesthetists Master of Science in Nursing $83.45 $173,580 1,840
Nursing Instructors and Teachers Master of Science or Doctorate of Nursing Practice Wages for some occupations that do not generally work year-round, full time, are reported either as hourly wages or annual salaries depending on how they are typically paid. $77,020 3,280

What Nurses Make on Average in Major Cities in Pennsylvania

What Nurses Make on Average in Major Cities in Pennsylvania

Source: BLS Occupational Employment Statistics, May 2013. Accessed May 2014. *Some information not provided or released. See BLS for more information.


Hospitals Employing the Most People in Pennsylvania
Hospital City Number of Employees
Source: Career InfoNet. Accessed May 2014.
Milton S Hershey Medical Ctr Hershey 9,000
Penn State Hershey Medical Ctr Hershey 9,000
Reading Hospital & Medical Ctr Reading 6,000
Wellspan Health York 6,000
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia 5,001

The Future of Nursing Campaign Info

Pennsylvania Action Coalition Goals & Progress
Source: Campaign for Action. Accessed May 2014.
What is being done to increase the number of Pennsylvania RN’s with a BSN? The AC is working to build articulation programs between state colleges and promote higher education among nurses in the state.
Are students enrolled via identified promising models of education progression? No
What programs are being implemented to prepare nurses to lead change to advance health? The AC works with colleges and universities to develop experimental curricula with the goal of boosting leadership among nurses.
Practice and Care
Is the Coalition working to remove barriers to RN level of care? Yes. The coalition is supporting several laws in the state legislature to ease the rules regarding services that RNs can provide.
Are they advancing state policy to remove barriers to care provided by APRNs? Yes. The coalition is supporting several laws in the state legislature to ease the rules regarding services that APRNs can provide.
Interprofessional Care
Is the state working to improve communication, transparency, and cooperation between healthcare providers? The AC is developing a strategy with the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania to conduct a meeting with the Nurse Practitioners Association and PA Medical Society.
How are they improving diversity of the nursing workforce and care provided? The coalition has established a Nursing Diversity Council that coordinates on a weekly basis to develop further action plans aimed at promoting diversity.
What steps are being taken to remove gaps in workforce and health care data? The AC is currently reviewing current workforce data to identify where gaps may exist.

Action Coalition Leadership

For a detailed progress report and additional workgroup contact information, please see the Pennsylvania Action Coalition page and their Action Coalition Status Report (opens as PDF).

Additional Resources

Pennsylvania Nursing Resources & Contact Information

Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105
Phone: 717.783.7142
Fax: 717.783.0822
Contact Information

Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA)
2578 Interstate Drive, Suite 101
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9601
Phone: (888) 707-7762
Fax: (717) 657-3796

Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners

National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) Chapters in Pennsylvania

State Health Departments and Organizations

Pennsylvania DOH – Department of Health
8th Floor West
625 Forster Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Contact Information

Pennsylvania – State Web Site